Condensed Cream of Soup


I made about 7 cans of soup with this recipe using 2 bunches celery...
6 T butter
6 c diced celery (or mushrooms, or diced raw chicken)
24 T butter
3 c evaporated milk
1 c whipping cream
2 c skim milk
3 t dried onion flakes
3 t garlic powder
3 t salt
15 T flour (can substitute sweet rice flour to make gluten free)
1 1/2 c 2% milk


Melt 6 T butter in large, heavy saucepan over medium heat.  Add celery (or mushrooms, or chicken).  Saute for a few minutes.  Remove celery from pan.  In same saucepan, add 24 T butter, evaporated milk, whipping cream, and skim milk.  Heat for a few minutes, until butter is melted.  Stir in onion flakes, garlic powder, salt, and pepper.  Separately, mix together flour and 2% milk.  Whisk until thick mixture formed, with all flour dissolved.  Pour flour mixture into saucepan.  Stir constantly until thickened.  Mine thickened really quickly.  Stir in reserved celery (or mushrooms, or chicken).  Heat through.  I used my immersion blender at this point to blend the soup together really good so the celery pieces were really small.  

I filled up about 7 pint jars of soup.  Each one is the equivalent of 1 can of cream of whatever soup.  You can freeze the jars once cool.  It tastes really good!